Ukraine took silver at the European Championship

Cholovicha’s choice of fencing on chablés was ahead of the finals for the rest of 12 years.

The European Fencing Championship is held in Antalii (Turkey). On the continental first line, the gold of the 25-row mallet Vlad Harkov won.


Far away, the human team of fencing on swords was far away. Representatives of the blue-yellow team: Andriy Yagodko, Yuriy Tsap and Vasyl Gumen, as well as reserve graveman Bogdan Platonov.
On the way to the final, the Ukrainians managed to overcome the Spaniards (45:43), the Germans (45:44) and the Turks (45:43). At the finals, the team fought against the eels, as at the Olympiad-2020 they took bronze from Tokyo.

At the virishal essence of our lads, all the same, the Ugrian region 39:45 acquitted me. True, the result of the same varto ranks as successful. The rest of the final on THUNDER was played by Ukraine as much as 2010 roci (also srіblo).
The chain of honor of the city of Ukraine at the European championships in fencing on shables at the team of middle people. The medal was restored to our athletes in 2013 roci (bronze), so, twelve years ago.

We sing for the Silver Nation of our athletes on the basis of coach Dmitry Pundik! Bolіvaєmo and robimo bets on wins at once!

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