Sports Betting Tips from Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex was obsessed with one idea – always win. He repeatedly stated that he did not work for Manchester United – he was married to this club.

For the Scot, the concept of “second place” did not exist. Each victory won was a matter of honor. This approach led to the fact that each time after the “failures” in the form of silver medals in the English championship (this happened five times), champion titles were won in the following seasons. This fact confirms the “hatred” of the coach to lose.

Now let’s compare these principles with sports betting. To win at the bookmaker, you need to want it no less passionately than Alex Ferguson always wanted to win. It is clear that all privateers strive for this. But it’s one thing to just want it, and quite another to be obsessed with the idea.

Despite the status of a tyrant assigned to Alex Ferguson, the Scot knows how to admit his mistakes. The book describes in detail a number of conflict situations that the coach himself provoked by apologizing to many famous football players in the past.
In the published book, Ferguson criticized the management of many clubs, which often change coaches if there is no result here and now. When the Scot took over Manchester United, it was Liverpool who set the tone for English football. Alex Ferguson did not hesitate to set conditions for the club’s management: to create the conditions necessary for winning the next matches, and also to provide a foundation for the future. The coach admits that at any moment he was ready to part with the leaders of the team in order to create the strongest club in Europe. But never change principles!

The situation is similar in rates. When a player aims to win money only today, most likely it will not be possible to do this. After several failures, the excitement will flood the bettor and will push you to bet large amounts in order to recoup. And it is far from certain that it will succeed.
Sir Alex Ferguson calls discipline one of the main facts of his success. In the book, he admits that at times, due to a tough position and maximum requirements from the players, the club lost the championship.

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