Is it possible to make money on sports

Earnings is a stable profit over a long distance. Betting involves risk. In theory, it is possible to go in the black and call it earnings. But there are no bets without risk, sooner or later there will be defeats. This does not allow us to talk about certainty and any guarantees.

At regular work, we receive wages

You can say that bets allow you to earn money in the following cases:

Profit is essential for you. Each person has his own understanding of a sufficient level of earnings. For some, a profit of 10% will seem insignificant, but for some, any earnings will be an excellent result.
Plus, it lasts for a long period of time.
If you won 100 rubles in one month, having lost 1000 before that, this is not earnings.
There are verifier sites on the network where forecasters confirm the statistics of bets made. An analysis of these statistics shows that it is possible to get a stable profit on bets.

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